I realize that I am mentioning this a bit late, but nobody told me until [personal profile] asakiyume congratulated me.

"Nine Views of the Oracle" came in third in the short poem division! I am astounded, flattered, and thrilled. Especially since it was switched from "long" to "short" at the last minute, which I was certain would torpedo its already unlikely chances. Thank you to everyone who voted for it!

...I should write some more poems! I am thinking of crows and ravens and associated mythology, as a gift for an (offline) friend who likes them a lot. Anyone have any scraps of inspiring crow lore? Anyone recall any that's Indian? (As in India, not as in Native American; the idea with that is to jog my own memory with things I might have already known but forgotten.)

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Congratulations! As for raven things, my knowledge is all European (e.g., Thought and Memory) and American Indian.

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The only thing I know about Indian crows is that the species common there are usually not the all-over black of the common American species. If that matters.

From: [identity profile] darius.livejournal.com


Not lore, but Rimrunner posted recently about caution sawhorses put up around her campus saying WARNING: DIVE-BOMBING CROWS.

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in poetry, so exciting!!
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Oh, I thought you knew! Well, definitely congratulations, it's the one I would have voted for!

I only know Norse and Celtic crows with any certainty.
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From: [personal profile] sovay

"Nine Views of the Oracle" came in third in the short poem division!


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