First off, happy Independence Day to all who are celebrating!

I just got back from summer camp in Ojai, which was only made possible by all of you who helped out and/or donated to [profile] helptheproject.

The last few times in Ojai, the majority of campers were teenage girls. This time the majority were boys under 13 - a totally different energy. Our junior counselors were three teenagers whom I've known since they were about nine, and who are now about to go off to college.

The sky was perfect cloudless blue, and the fields were full of rabbits and gophers. One day I took the kids into town and bought them books at a used bookshop, and later that night found them all stealthily reading in bed with flashlights. Another night we hauled blankets out to a field, lay down, and watched the Pleiades meteor shower. We saw two of the most spectacular meteors I've ever seen: wide streaks of blue-white light blazing across the sky, one ending in an exploding fireball.

Highlights of the plays include a doo-wop chorus of forest animals, a talking shrimp's plot to launch a media empire of reality shows, and a play whose plot would fit perfectly into the "awesomely depressing" mode of YA novels ("Kids! Remember that pranks can kill!"), but is executed so beautifully that it made me cry every damn time I saw it.

The One-on-Ones!
"Saved by the Bell"

8 short original plays performed by kids and adults!

Friday, Aug. 20 at 7:30
Saturday, Aug. 21 at 3:00 and 7:30

24th Street Theatre
1117 W. 24th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90007
(at Hoover just south of the 10 freeway)
For maps and parking information:

For reservations and more information, call 310-264-4224
Pay-what-you-can / $5 suggested donation

Young Actors: Spencer Gonzalez, Faviola Carrillo, Jasmine Cortez, Jose Cortez, Edward Hernandez, Tycho Horan, Amanda Jacobson, Kendall Johnson, Abner Santiago, and Nastasia Smith.
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