The holidays I officially celebrate are Hanukkah, New Year, and (my favorite of them all) Yuletide; however, I also celebrate any holiday anyone invites me to. So, in honor of all the winter holidays, and since I saw a number of people putting up wishlists, here are some things that would make me happy (should you choose to accept this mission.)

1. Donate manga and other books to needy libraries. They are particularly strapped right now due to the bad US economy. Books must be in good condition, except for books on Native American/American Indian topics, which may be in any condition. They are still especially looking for the latter and also manga/manhua/manhwa.

2. My Book Mooch wishlist. I think this is pretty well updated by now.

3. My Yuletide letter, in case you'd like to write me a Treat! I realize that all but one of those fandoms are quite obscure. If you'd like to write me a non-Yuletide story, you can click on my Yuletide tag to see others I was considering but didn't choose. Otherwise, if you're considering writing me a story, you probably know what I like.

4. Baked goods, mix CDs, DVDs, awesomely bad books, and other gifts of a random nature are always welcome! (I need to put up a separate post to share with you all the wonder of a certain awesomely useless gift, Breadou, that I received recently.)
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