Date: 2010-01-02 11:40 am (UTC)
This story means a lot to me, because this really is the version of Pern I "Impressed" on when I was eleven. I much prefer the world of the earlier-written novels, and especially liked Mirrim's and Menolly's budding friendship in Dragonsong. I always fantasized about Impressing a green, rather than a gold, and resented that blues and greens, and their riders, were held in such little esteem by both the society and the writer herself.

I also used to fantasize about being a drudge in the Harper Hall who *gasp* had a talent for music, given that the drudges in general seem to be regarded as sub-human. (Silvina, I think it is, generally a very sympathetic character, tells Menolly that "even the drudges" have something nice to wear on important occasions.) Female characters in the Pern novels are either neato-keen or completely beneath societal and authorial notice. I particularly liked your interchange between Lessa and Riya: "Are you in disguise?" Because, of course, only someone who was only *pretending* to be a drudge, like Lessa, could have any sort of competence and drive.

It took me a moment to register L'tol's presence in one of your AUs. Nice to know the man had a somewhat happier life in at least one incarnation. He was spared the thankless task of looking after Jaxom, too, lucky man.
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