The winter edition of Goblin Fruit is up, with poetry by myself, Shweta Narayan, J. C. Runolfson, Larry Hammer, Sonya Taaffe, and more! I am still reading and listening, but what I have read and heard so far is great.

Please forgive my own reading. I have never read my own poetry before, and made the recording in great haste. Thanks to [ profile] yhlee for actually doing the recording, and patiently pronouncing Greek names for me. That'll teach me to fill a poem with words I'm not sure how to say!
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Awesome! (Also, LJ seems like it's being selective about comment notification emails again... hmm.)

Hero, beware those knowing eyes:
dames like to read the last page first.

As a dame who likes the read the last page first, I loved the intro to the poem ♥
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That's some good company at a great magazine!
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My poem "Minotaur Noir" up at Goblin Fruit.

Yes, and it rocks.

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