[livejournal.com profile] helptheproject, a fandom auction to benefit The Virginia Avenue Project, is still running and has lots of new offers! Check them out!

My own offers, for a review of (almost) absolutely anything, original poetry, original fiction, fanfiction, a professional critique, a signed copy of my memoir, and a year of postcard-stories of Los Angeles can be found here. There are few bids on most of them, and no bids on my poetry. So if you've ever wanted any of those items, now is your chance!

You can also now request items that haven't yet been offered, in the all-new Request Post..

In case you really did miss my first post, the Virginia Avenue Project is a free afterschool arts and academics program. 100% of participating children graduate from high school. 95% go on to college. 98% are the first person in their family to go.

Due to budget cuts, unless we can raise $15,000 by mid-March, we will lose our centerpiece program, the One-on-Ones. In this program, professional actor/writers write a short play to act in with the kid they're paired with, rehearse it with them in a beautiful countryside summer camp, and then return to Los Angeles to put on a show. This program has been running continuously for 20 years, and I've been its stage manager for 15 - let's not lose it now!

Note: The Project website (not the auction site) is temporarily down. I am in contact with them and they are working on getting it back up.
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