Date: 2010-04-13 07:42 pm (UTC)
I'm currently re-watching Rome season 1 with Toby, and I'm finding it interesting how the dialogue occasionally uses Latin-based words for various things - they use "penis" instead of "dick" or "cock". Although it sort of fails at times - "fuck" is used instead of a more Latinate word - and I think in some cases they're using words that sound more Latin than Anglo-Saxon, like having a soldier say "cunny" instead of "cunt", probably because the more Latin term wouldn't sound right coming from a soldier (although I just checked the OED, and while they think it's a diminutive of the Germanic "cunt," it's possible that it derived from the more Latinate "cony/coney," or rabbit, in much the same way that "pussy" came into use). :)

I'll pay more attention during the next few episodes and see what I can see.
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