I just got a postcard from the Virginia Avenue Project for "Saved by the Bell," the One-on-One summer camp and theatre festival which many of you helped save, and which I will be stage managing in August.

It notes the times and dates: August 20 at 7:30, August 21 at 3 and 7:30, at the 24th Street Theatre at 1117 W. 24th St. in Los Angeles, at Hoover south of the 10 freeway. Come if you're in the area!

To my total surprise, the postcard reads, "The Virginia Avenue Project, Amy Brenneman, Rachel Manija Brown, and everyone who participated in Rachel's online auction to save the One-on-Ones present..."

These are the kids who will be spending a week in the country rehearsing a ten-minute play written just for them:

Elisa Aquino, Jasmine Cortez, Jose Cortez, Frank Gress, Edward Hernandez, Kendall Johnson, Abner Santiago, and Nastasia Smith. Faviola Carrillo and Tycho Horan, veteran Project kids who are now nearly adults, will be the camp counselors.

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Wow, I don't think I've ever been a producer before. (Though I'd love to photosynthesize, too, given the chance.)

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Kelly and I are so there! We'll have to see if we can bring Jules up with us too :D

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Yes! Please come! I note that Jose and his adult partner in crime are back, though probably not paired with each other.

"Skull of a buffalo
Burning in the desert
Burn, buffalo, burn!"

From: [identity profile] wordkink.livejournal.com

I thought that was him! Heee.

It should be said that Kelly has a habit of yelling that at me from time to time just to crack me up. It totally works.
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AWWWWW! I may even be in the area then, although I don't know if I will be able to escape family for long enough to go.

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