The list of currently nominated fandoms is up here. It closes at 9:00 PM, USA Eastern Standard Time.

If you are planning to participate, what are you thinking about requesting?

I am thinking about Marjorie Liu's "Dirk and Steele" series, Willo Davis Roberts The Girl with Silver Eyes (now there's a novel that begged for a sequel), George R. R. Martin's "Thousand Worlds" series, my perennial request for Diane Duane's "Door" series, my other perennial request for Modesty Blaise, and the Carter and Grammar song "The Mountain." Last year I wrote a story based on the Carter and Grammar song "The Disappearing Man," and I think that anyone who would even offer "The Mountain" could probably write something good. (Click the tags for more details on the stuff I mentioned here - I recommend it all.)

Note: I know that many of you hate fanfic, hate Yuletide, hate AO3, hate the (bizarre) new rules on determining what constitutes a rare fandom, etc. This is not the post to say so.
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