One of my favorite Yuletide pastimes is reading other people's letters. Here are a few excerpts I enjoyed reading, from various people:

Gallifrey is my favourite sort of Doctor Who, because it's Doctor Who with more Time Lords, less running down corridors, and more 'ah ha, I have been a traitor all along!'/'What? No!'

[The rest cut for people who don't care about Yuletide.]

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
I didn't know I needed this until I saw it on the list and I suddenly had my fourth request. :D My love of cheesy SciFi/SyFy Channel movies knows no bounds, and I consider this one a pinnacle of cheese. Anything with these mutant ocean creatures wreaking havoc and possibly eating more airplanes would be aces. Cross it over with some other ridiculous monster if you want to. (Sharktopus could use a friend, or maybe those mega piranha with the bonus of a Tiffany/Debbie Gibson crossover. As this idea never crossed my mind until about thirty seconds ago, I'm obviously just tossing out the most ridiculous of suggestions. GO CRAZY with whatever silliness you feel inspired to throw in there.)

I have seriously wanted fanfic about She-Ra since I was four; I just didn't know it back then.

I think [Mercedes] Lackey's obsession with gang rape is really funny and I would kind of like a story that makes fun of that, if you could think of a way to do it. ([personal profile] toft)

Arts & Sciences RPF: Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace:
Okay, the story here is that I was in the Air and Space Museum with my brother, and we were having a conversation about Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace, and I jokingly said "I'd read it," and *he* said, "what good is fandom is if it doesn't already exist?" And I said, "give me some time." OUR HONOR HAS BEEN CHALLENGED. Any fic at all featuring these two would be excellent because it means I, and by extension fandom, win (bonus if you throw in Isambard Kingdom Brunel, but that's not necessary).

It was one of those films where I could tell after the first thirty seconds that I was going to love it, and then the opening credits faded to Mister Orange screaming and rolling around in his own blood, and I knew I was in for something really special.

Under 'things on which I am not so keen' you find things like incest and bestiality and rape. These things can have their place in fics but generally I prefer things to be slightly more vanilla in the fandoms of my heart. But if you feel, for example, that Guy really needs to have sex with a horse and can make it work then who am I to say no?

I am not going to say "Please no character death, rape, hardcore kink, detailed violence atypical of canon, etc." because really, no sensible person decides on hir own, "I'm going to write Main Character being raped to death by a dog in this story I'm giving as a holiday present to a total stranger!" without that being part of the original story request. (For mine: it is not.) ([personal profile] octopedingenue)

Feel free to poison anyone, except Cain and Riff.

[The paragraphs below are all from the same letter.]


If you are not familiar with it please start now to be ready for Yuletide 2014. It is a mildly alternate history of sixteenth-century Scotland written by someone who would have been really killer at freerice, in six long books of recondite, intense, intricate, difficult reading. You will have to look a lot of things up and sometimes roll your eyes. It is absolutely worth it. These books are like the objects passing before the fire in the Allegory of the Cave; once you've read them, you'll see their influence on an entire generation of fiction. Patricia McKillip, Guy Gavriel Kay, and Jacqueline Carey, to name some of the better ones, all owe her great debts.

I am not at all interested in Lymond slash (tant que je vive!) [cut for spoiler]; usually I am all about homos and drama and sorrow but the canon is like 2954 pages of hurt and 6 pages of comfort so if the main characters are involved please keep it in the vein of 'We are your children, and we love you'.

(Rest of letter spoilery but probably only if you already have context.)
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