Snow falls in utter silence. Today the sun is shining, and all the melting snow makes a sound like rain.

One of the guests brought Trader Joe's raw puff pastry sheets for a dessert she ended up not making, and I repurposed them. The resulting turnovers were so delicious that I and my parents fell upon them and devoured three each in a mad fit, and had more for breakfast today.

Peel and chop cooking apples. I used Granny Smiths and some from the apple trees on the property. Mix in a bowl with brown sugar, lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and optionally cinnamon and/or vanilla.

I also made some with fresh blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and various mixtures of berries and apples. For the berries alone, I used less or no sugar, and no cinnamon.

Cut each sheet of puff pastry into fourths. Pile the fruit on the pastry squares, top with a small chunk of butter, and seal the pastry. Bake at 400 F until the bottoms (not just the tops) are browned. It took me over 30 minutes, but this is high altitude, so play it by ear. The package suggested 15.
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Mmm, that sounds delicious. I will have to try that sometime. :-)
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From: [personal profile] movingfinger

Actually, falling snow makes a soft patting sound, which is one of my favorite sounds in the world.

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Oh, that sounds fantastic! Do you remember the brand of dough that you used? I've been wanting to make apple turnovers using cajeta (Mexican sweetened condensed goats milk that has this amazing caramel quality) for ages but haven't been sure of what to use for the dough.

Seriously, we're too poor for any road trips right now but my winter break starts the 16th, so if you're up for a food vacation come down here so I have an excuse to cook lots of tasty things :D

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That sounds great! I'll let you know.

It was Trader Joe's frozen puff pastry.

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For sure! Oh, that reminds me. We're planning on doing a tamale making party with my Abuela some time before Christmas. If you're up for it you could come for that too. You can't go wrong making real Oaxacan tamales.

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That too sounds fabulous! Let me know when you have a date.

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