For my birthday, not one, but TWO people independently decided that I would enjoy a review of the awesomely bad YA novel Crazy Beautiful, in which the hero has hooks for hands and never lets you forget it:

Gee, if I'd known spilling my orange juice was this effective, I'd have spilled it in Dad's direction every day when I was younger. Then maybe he'd have made time to do things with me like, I don't know, play catch in the yard. Not that I'm complaining or playing the neglected child card. I'll never do that. I know what I've done. I know who's responsible for everything in my life, past, present, and future. Still, a little catch would have been fun, when I still had hands.

[ profile] rushthatspeaks: In conclusion: this book is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I am not managing to tell you about half of it. You should all read it. It is a real treasure, a thing of great rarity and magnificence, and I could not remotely have put it down. It is the worst book I have read in at least a decade. I wish I could really manage to communicate its essence to you, but criticism can only go so far.

[ profile] coraa: While these two are being kept apart by... um... by I don't even know what, we wander through a couple of subplots.

Best birthday ever!

Also, [ profile] sartorias took me to Huntington Gardens for tea and strolling. Photos below (by me - I hope she'll post her own at some point - except for the one of me.)

Sherwood thought my blouse matched the leaves.

The Yuletide bush! Can someone make me an icon of this?

A tiny lizard was sunning itself in a tiny lizard-sized nook, but I couldn't zoom in enough to catch it.
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