[personal profile] telophase has created an online YA dystopia generator!

Thrill: Nudity has been banned and the government controls darkness.

Bounce: Heterosexuality has been banned and the government controls popsicles.

Leap: Roads have been banned and the government controls gravity.

I'm sure she's still adding to it, so feel free to suggest titles and things which could be banned or controlled.
boundbooks: Zhang Ziyi (avatar: momo is surprised)

From: [personal profile] boundbooks

I checked out the LJ comm too, and I definitely think that there's enough difference so that the two won't overlap! Both seem like fun ideas, but both seem pretty different.

Glad that you're interested, I'm definitely scribbling down a lot of ideas that I hope will be neat! :D
holyschist: Image of a medieval crocodile from Herodotus, eating a person, with the caption "om nom nom" (Default)

From: [personal profile] holyschist

Definitely different enough!

Yay, I am excited! I will post about it!

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