Join us for a free show this weekend - 8 short original plays, each featuring a kid, an adult, and a dessert!

2011 One-On-Ones: JUST DESSERTS

This weekend: August 26 - 27. Friday - 7:30pm. Saturday - 3:00 and 7:30pm.

Miles Playhouse: 1130 Lincoln Blvd, in Santa Monica. (Just north of Wilshire Blvd. in Reed Park.)

Reservations/Info.: (310) 264-4224

Free / Pay-what-you-can! ($5 suggested donation)

The talented adult volunteer actors, writers, designers and staff for Just Desserts include Mickey Birnbaum, Bob Blesser, Weslie Brown, Cameron Cash, Bryan Davidson, Donna DuBain, Kyle Heffener, Danny Jacobs, Phyllis Katz, Sulai Lopez, Emmett Loverde, Jennifer Maisel, Jonas Oppenheim, Jordana Oberman, Erin Pineda, Kenneth Rudnicki, Ryan Tresser, Steven Wolfson, Evan Bartoletti, Rachel Manija Brown, Jessica Gerhardt, Lisa Lechuga, Tony Palermo, Johnny Rymen

Free ice cream after the 3pm matinee in front of the theater - generously provided by Damon Kronsberg's Real Estate Roller!!!

Just Desserts is from our One-on-One program, an extension of our Creative Dramatics class that enables Project kids to work one-on-one with professional writers and actors/actresses to produce original short plays. During a week at camp in Ojai, the kids rehearse their plays while learning the values of discipline, hard work, compassion, support, and respect.

Thank you for your support and attendance. You make all the difference. Onward!

Project Kids: Faviola Carrillo, Aaron Cornejo, Emerson Flores-Cieto, Isabella Gonzalez, Julian Graves, Frank Gress, Edward Hernandez, Sarah Horowitz, Kourtney Murphy, Melodee Piper, and Brian Santiago.

(310) 264-4224 -
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