This post was written by me and Sherwood.

The unnamed agency in our previous post has chosen to present their perception of the exchange. We confirm that it was the agency we referred to. We stand by every word we wrote in our original article.

We did not wish to name them, because we preferred to focus on the larger issues. We did not spread rumors about them, and we don't know who did.

This is why we went public: After the initial exchange a month ago, we spoke in private to a number of other writers, without mentioning the name of the agent or agency. There was an overwhelming response of "Me too!" Many other writers had been asked by agents and editors to alter or remove the minority identity of their characters, sometimes as a condition of representation or sale. Sometimes those identities had been altered by editors without the writers' knowledge or permission.

That response, and posts like Malinda Lo's recent statistics make it clear that the problem is much larger than a couple of writers and one specific agency.

We urge you all to continue focusing on the bigger picture.

Discussion is welcome but abuse and name-calling is not. Please do your best to be civil.

ETA: Since several people asked: I do have an agent for my nonfiction, Brian DeFiore. He's great. The work Sherwood and I do together is very different from what we both do solo, and we wanted an agent to represent us as a team.
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I wondered while reading their post if possibly it wasn't about them at all -- maybe they'd had a separate conversation with you guys, but not the conversation in question -- and that's why they didn't recognize the details! Which idea kind of appealed to me in a screwball-comedy sort of way. Sorry to hear that's not the case, and...yeah. One is certainly entitled to remember events differently than the other guy(s) -- that's kind of how memory works -- and one is likewise entitled to present one's side, but last I checked, one ain't obligated to take potshots in the process. Good grief.

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