As many of you probably know, Freud and Jung had quite an intense relationship. Freud apparently had a pattern of getting into idolizing father-son relationships, and then having dramatic breakups with them. I notice that of his psychosexual stages, Freud seemed to have been most interested in the phallic stage (Oedipal complex), which is the most Daddy-son-centric of them.

What I did not know was that Freud dramatically fainted in Jung's presence, and Jung carried him to a couch! And that this happened not once, but several times! (Freud was apparently given to fainting - a classic "hysterical" symptom - during intense emotional encounters.)

The first time, Jung was discussing mummies. Freud demanded to know why Jung was going on and on about corpses, then fainted. Upon waking, Freud accused Jung of having a death wish for Freud.

Later, Jung was lecturing about how Egyptian pharoahs would scratch out their fathers' names on monuments, and replace them with their own. Freud promptly fainted again.

It's hard not to give all that a Freudian interpretation: Freud thought that Jung, his son-figure, was trying to usurp Daddy's role as the head of the psychoanalytic family. When confronted with that idea, or with the thought of Jung wishing him dead so Jung could replace him, Freud ensured that he didn't have to think about it by passing out.

Alternatively or additionally, Freud was in love with Jung. Freud himself discussed the possibility of repressed homosexual feelings.

Robert King suggests, Twice placing Freud on a couch after a faint was consistent with Jung's wish to be Freud's analyst as well his analysand.

King (google books)

Freud A-Z (google books)
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