Thanks to Kelly and [personal profile] wordkink, I have now watched the entire first series of the infamous florist assassin anime, Weiss Kreuz. It is terrible. But also hypnotic. So bad it tips over into being awesome, and then tips back into plain bad, and then awesome, and then surprisingly actually good, and then back to terrible, like one of those bobble-headed drinking bird toys.

Four pretty boys, Ken, Aya, Omi, and Yohji, are florists by day, assassins by night! They all have code names that are cat breeds, and are commanded by a mysterious guy who appears on video on the TV in the flower shop basement, announces that someone is causing people to spontanously combust/kidnapping little boys/etc, and says, "Hunters of the night, deny these evil beasts their prey!" And then the pretty boys do some incredibly incompetent investigating, and assassinate the villains.

But it's the details that make this series special. Very special.

- The animation is the worst I have ever seen. In the first episode, the animators ran out of time, or possibly colors, and someone dies in a scribble fire.

- There is a surprise!tentacle monster, in a totally awesome episode that also involves a drawing of a cardboard doll-like Aya getting repeatedly whomped into a piano.

- This is about the fourth anime I've seen in which someone takes on the name of their dead twin because they feel so guilty.

- It was insufficient to do the normal organ-legging trope of someone waking up in a bathtub of ice with a kidney missing. Instead, they wake up in a giant underground swimming pool of ice.

- There is a sports drink that makes you melt.

- There is a victimized little boy named Shota.

- There is a traumatized girl named Death who kills people with a parasol. (Tot is great.)

- I totally see why people kept suggesting that I assess Weiss. But that could take a while. There's just so much trauma and mental illness, it would be quite a lot of work. Everyone's history and psychosocial stressors would be "See attached files."

- There is the opposing group, Schwarz, which is so ridiculously overpowered that they are clearly just keeping Weiss around for amusement value. They are Brad Crawford, who is precognitive; Schuldig, who is telepathic; Nagi, who is a telekinetic and possibly also God; and Farfarello, whose psychic power is being totally batshit and hating nuns. They have meetings in Nagi's bedroom, which is in outer space. This is never explained.

So! Any fic recs? I hear this is one of those series where the fic is way better than the canon.

Knight Hunters & Knight Hunters Eternity-Complete Thin Pack

From: [identity profile]

Decisions, decisions. This does sound fun. Except, Netflix says the average rating is 3.2, and predicts my rating would be 2.1. So either Netflix's collaborative filtering does not understand "so bad, it's good", or I'd get stuck on the "so bad" that I never com around to "it's good".

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