These two interviews came out last month, but I never posted links because I was too depressed about how everything went down. But I think the haters have all stopped reading my blogs by now, so here you go!

Both are about Yes Gay YA, and have some overlapping content.

Radio Q. Interview with both me and Sherwood. Doesn't the host have a gorgeous voice?

On the Media. Just me. I was completely unprepared for the host's interest in the actual book, and it was all I could do to remember the characters' names. They are much more interesting than I made them sound, really.

Reminder: the current book for the permanent floating YA diversity book club is Scott Tracey's Witch Eyes. Several reviews have been posted in various journals. Mine will go up at the end of November, and then I will hold another poll to select a book for December.

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My browsers aren't let me hear the first one, but it was great to hear your voice in that second one--especially it was fun to hear you describe the book and characters. I smiled when you describe Felicité.

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