Registration this go-round was much less painful than last time, when the computer enrolled me in classes at the same day and time (Help desk guy: "That's supposed to be impossible,") causing me to madly enroll last in whatever was still open.

This time I did do some mad rushing last night to formally declare a double specialization in Trauma (non-combat) and Spiritual/Depth Psychology before registration to get into classes held for people with specializations, but everyone was very helpful and it worked out. I am seeing the benefits of belonging to a small, private college, because if this was anywhere else I've ever attended, I would probably still be at the registrar's office now.

I still don't know if I can go to Japan. Registration for that was delayed for everyone due to some technicality. When it opens, we all put our names on a wait-list, and then they hold a lottery.

My classes for next quarter:

Monday 10:00 AM: PSY 548 Ethics and the Law
Sect 1: Joel Andres 3 units

Monday 1:00 PM PSY 501A Process/Psychotherapy I -
Sect 1: Zari Hedayat 2 units

Monday 4:00 PM: PSY 531A Personality I -
Sect 1: Doug Sadownick 3 units

Wednesday 7:00 PM: PSY531H Intercultural Transpersonal and -
Depth Psychology
Sect. 1: Thomas Mondragon 3 units

PSY522 Effects of Trauma on Human Development and -
Neurobiology; Social History and Current Issues.
Sect 1: Joel Andres 2 units
Dates: Jan. 15 and Jan. 29 , 9am - 5pm


PSY 525F Japanese Approaches to Mindfulness and Mental Health -
Sect 1: Matt Silverstein & Marli Kakishima 3 units
March 14-March 24, Shunkoin Temple, Kyoto, Japan

Three classes on Monday - yikes. But all three are core classes I need to take next quarter. I haven't had any of those professors before. The Wednesday class is taught by my favorite professor from this quarter, so I pounced on it. No idea what it will actually be like, but judging by the class I have with him now, it should be intense and amazing.

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I am especially excited about the Intercultural Transpersonal class. Well, and the Japan class, but who knows if I'll get into that.

There were some extremely cool-looking LGBTQ-focused electives which I couldn't take this coming quarter, but will probably be able to later, like "Queer Narrative Therapy" and "LGBTQ History and Myth."
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"Queer Narrative Therapy" sounds especially good.

I do wonder how many people feel the stuff I feel, that yes it's great that THINGS CHANGED SO FAST and then there's this weird grief I have about it, like, how different would my life have been?

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I think that must be very common.

I've seen something similar come across as a generation gap a lot of times, with the older generation looking at the younger one with a complicated mix of pride, happiness, envy, and annoyance at the younger ones' seeming complacency or lack of gratitude.

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Bad news: I just got word that I can't take the class with my favorite professor; the department head decided that the prerequisite course really is a pre-req, and can't be taken concurrently.

Good news: Am now enrolled in Queer Counseling and Narrative instead.

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