Happy birthday, Sherwood!

You asked for images of beautiful or interesting things. I'm putting up a set of photos my mom took of her neighborhood in Ahmednagar, India. I think she's a very good photographer, and she lives in an exceptionally pretty rural area.

Sunrise at the lake.

A gul mohr in full bloom.

A gul mohr at night, in the dry season.

Cooking chapatis, old-school style.

A food stall at a festival.

The finished product.

The distant hills.

A tree at sunset.


But beauty is everywhere. This is what my current neighborhood looks like right now.

From: [identity profile] sartorias.livejournal.com

These photos are stunning! I really look forward to what she takes in Paris. Or you--I see where you get your eye.

And yes about beauty. The jacarandas around here are wonderful.

From: [identity profile] jeremytblack.livejournal.com

Beautiful photographs. And a beautiful place. I think I'm moving there. Would the ashram allow me to bring my devil cat do you think?

From: [identity profile] asakiyume.livejournal.com

Wow--the tree at sunset, with its fernlike foliage, is lovely.

So that's where you grew up. Wow. Seeing it makes it that much more real.

From: [identity profile] movingfinger.livejournal.com

Those are both beautiful and interesting.

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