Below the cut, photos from this year's summer camp, including a run-through of .

Sorry for the crummy quality of the pictures. I was there as a stage manager, and had to snap in haste.

I wouldn't include this one, but it was the only one of the kids reading that came out at all. Julian reads a book of scary stories, while Kourtney observes Melodee reading Stellaluna to Emerson and Isabella.

The bookshop from which the books were purchased. Like many things in Ojai, it's partially outdoors. That's a grapefruit tree.

Weslie provides live music for the outdoor Ojai stage.

The chocolate game! Take eleven kids, ages 8 (Isabella) to 18 (Favi), and 8 adult professional actors. Divide them into four teams and assign them each an animal. We decided on seals, monkeys, elephants, and roosters. You will have previously 135 hidden small wrapped Hershey bars all over the library. Each team has a captain. The captain is the only person who may touch the candy. Their teammates must find the candy, and signal their captain to retrieve it by making a pre-arranged sound and movement of the animal of their team.

Result: Utter, hilarious chaos. The seal noise is the best at the outset, but after a while, all the sounds and movements devolve into flapping arms and a high-pitched bellow of interdeterminate origin.

Favi (junior counselor) and Kourtney (actor) are best buds. I've known Kourtney for about six years, and Favi for about ten. Favi is about to go to my alma mater, US Santa Cruz. (Kourtney has a year of high school left.) We do an awards show, which is about inner qualities rather than talent, in which the actor teams of kids and adults make each other awards and present them with little speeches, then get their photos taken in the "kiss and cry" spot. The junior counselors and non-actor adults also participate by making them for each other, but choose who they want to give the award to. Unbeknownst to each other, Favi and I made awards for each other. Awww!

Emerson and Kenneth, playing twin fetuses, Justin or Jason and Michael or Edward. The pose is due to their mother tumbling them around doing yoga.

Aaron, author of the play a couple years ago in which a shark eats the hero, and a squid eats the shark, and Moby Dick eats the squid, and pirates eat Moby Dick, and wolves eat the pirates, is now thirteen and over six feet tall. He's also developed a really nice singing voice.

Isabella takes advantage of Aaron's kind nature...

...and height. "Aaron will carry me anywhere," I heard her saying. "All I have to do is ask!" Meanwhile, Brian attempts to do the same with Edward, but that doesn't go as well.

ETA. These are taking so long to load that I'll do Macbake tomorrow.

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