[Poll #1786343]

The month's theme is "YA sff with an LGBTQ protagonist."

Please vote for the book you would most like to read. Because we're starting halfway through the month, you will have till the end of November. (Normally, this will run monthly, with the poll held and monthly selection made in the first week of the month.)

I am doing the "dispersed reviews" method. Everyone reads the chosen book and, ideally, reviews it on their own blog, with a note explaining the book club, at any time between now and the end of November. Please leave a link to your review on my upcoming post announcing the selection. However, should you prefer to read and comment to my LJ rather than writing your own review, I will post my review in late November.

Please don't vote if you have absolutely no intention of reading the book. However, you may vote if you think you'd like to participate but worry that life, etc, might prevent you. In this case, intent does matter. Please comment to say so if you're definitely participating (short of unexpected disaster) so that I can weight your vote.

A detailed explanation of the Permanent Floating YA Diversity Book Club is here.

Amazon links to the poll books are here.
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