I am supposed to keep a dream journal this quarter. First dream of the quarter below the cut.

I had moved to another city to attend Antioch, and was living in a new apartment complex with the same neighbors I have here. I had finished my first quarter of school without ever exploring the city, and went out to drive around.

Before I could get to the parking lot, I noticed that there were a bunch of cages on a balcony, filled with small pets. I went to look, and asked if the people there, who seemed to be selling the pets, had a rat. They suggested that I might prefer a rabbit. I knew that I really wanted a rat, and also the rabbits, though cute, seemed overpriced at $40 each. But I opened a cage to pet a soft gray rabbit. It immediately leaped out. I started chasing it, but stopped when it jumped on to the balcony rails and began walking it like a tightrope. I covered my eyes, certain that it would fall to its death, but it finally hopped off. I crammed it back into the cage.

I then noticed a rat cage. I opened the door to take out a rat, and every rat in the cage immediately poured out. There was now a large dog and a tabby cat loose on the balcony. Sure the rats would all get eaten, I began grabbing them in soft, warm, slippery handfuls (this part of the dream was very tactile, complete with the feeling of their musculature moving under the skin) and putting them on my head and shoulders for safety. I managed to stash all the rats on my person, except for one which was eaten by the dog, and replaced them in their cage.

A man said, "We have a mission that you might be right for. It involves a pure white kitten which we're going to claim is a rare breed, some gold, some danger including the chance of getting killed, and the opportunity to put one over on Hitler. Are you interested?"

Thrilled with their confidence in me, though also confused by it given that I had released both the rabbit and the rats, and excited by the opportunity, I immediately said, "I'm in!"

I should add that the entire thing was modern day, but when he mentioned Hitler, I understood without surprise or a sense of anachronism that it was actually 1940.

If anyone wants to try analyzing this dream, go for it. I got nothing other than that I recently hung out with a friend who has pet rats, and we watched two movies involving WWII. And that the mission sounds like something out of Donald Westlake.
sophia_helix: Two of Pentacles tarot card (ETC: two pentacles)

From: [personal profile] sophia_helix

Hmm. It seems like responsibility and care taking are key themes here. Interesting that you were excited to get into the dangerous spy mission relating to an animal, but just keeping the rats and other animals safe in their cages was difficult. Of course all the rats escaping could just be that you feel like you've got a lot of responsibilities you're juggling right now, but I am interested that you jumped at the exciting spy mission.
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From: [personal profile] kore

....wow, hunh.

I got nothin' except that maybe the small 'defenseless' creatures (rats, rabbits, kittens) might represent traumatized children, or children in danger, and the sudden switch to 1940 might indicate that the trauma takes place in the past, but has to be addressed now. So in a funny way the survivor, and the counselor who wants to help them, are in both places at once -- back where the original trauma occurred, and witnessing, and also in the present where the trauma is addressed.

It also seems interesting that you were 'finished' with schoolwork (at least a quarter of it) and going out to explore a new city (with some familiar elements, like your apt and the neighbours), but stopped before you got to the parking lot (and the mobility of your car) to see the imprisoned pets, who were in the open in a place that turned dangerous (walking the balcony like a tightrope).
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From: [personal profile] chomiji

I tend to go with the interpretation of pets = responsibilities as well. This sounds very much like you, in that you don't hesitate to take on responsibilities when you see a need that you can meet: you were on your way elsewhere, but you stopped when you saw the balcony full of pets. They wanted you to take a cuddly litte rabbit; you wanted a rat (and you'll have to supply your own associations for the rats, because you've known delightful pet ones). But even though the rat was what you wanted, you were nearly overwhelmed when the rats poured out of their cage. But you took them to yourself - you didn't just stuff them back in their cage.

So after you followed your heart in the matter of the pets that were right there, you were offered involvement with a special, conventionally desirable pet. The offer has both some dodgy issues ("we're going to claim [it] is a rare breed"), a chance of a monetary reward, and some things that sound very Rachel-ish: actual physical risk and the chance to do wrong to a wrong-doer.

Hmmm. I wonder if the dream!You kept the rats on her as she went off on her mission to thwart Hitler.

From: [identity profile] tool-of-satan.livejournal.com

It's a good thing I'm not taking this class. I don't think I've ever remembered a dream in this kind of detail. Usually I can't remember anything about them.

Thrilled with their confidence in me, though also confused by it given that I had released both the rabbit and the rats, and excited by the opportunity, I immediately said, "I'm in!"

Clearly they were testing to see if, once you had made a mistake, you could fix it promptly.

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

If you ever want to recall dreams, it's very simple, though it sometimes takes a while to work:

1. Tell yourself right before falling asleep that you're going to remember your dream.

2. Keep a notebook and pen beside your bed. Write down what you recall immediately upon waking, before getting out of bed.

3. Optionally, set your alarm for slightly before the usual time you wake up.

From: [identity profile] tool-of-satan.livejournal.com

So, I actually remembered a dream last night without doing this (probably because I kept waking up due to this nagging cough I have). In this dream I was at work discussing the details of our interview process. I have the most boring subconscious ever.

From: [identity profile] alessandriana.livejournal.com

Try taking melatonin before bedtime-- harmless, and it always gives me the craziest dreams!

From: [identity profile] jinian.livejournal.com

I know nothing about dream analysis, but this is highly pokable. The first part that jumped out at me was "finished my first quarter of school without ever exploring the city" -- this does not seem like something you'd do. :) And your neighbors were the same even though the building was different. I guess I feel like it means you've gotten your bearings in a new context, and the parts of yourself that you normally perceive seem the same, but you're ready to look at yourself even harder now.

How did you feel when the rat got eaten? You wrote it kind of like you didn't care, even though you were really in touch with the rats throughout.

Is someone trying to convince you to major in rabbits instead of rats? :)

From: [identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com

I think I was distressed, but also relieved that it was only one rather than all of them.

I feel like it means you've gotten your bearings in a new context, and the parts of yourself that you normally perceive seem the same, but you're ready to look at yourself even harder now.

I think this is true, and a very good point.

One thing which came up a lot last quarter was that while I've always been pretty in-touch with my own sexuality and how it's developed over time, I apparently never bothered to re-examine the label I slapped on my sexual orientation when I was about 18. I haven't really come to any conclusions about that, other than that I came of age in a pretty cut-and-dried time and context, and my current time and social context sees things in a more nuanced manner.

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