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The most surreal thing I have ever seen (except for maybe the pole kisser)

I am about to leave Tokyo and go into a rural area, on the old Nakasendo road between Kyoto and Tokyo (then called Edo.) It used to be THE major road in Japan, and lined with inns because it took a week or more to traverse by foot or horseback. Some of those inns are still there, and we'll be staying in one. So I may not have net access for the next couple of days, until I get to Kyoto.

But before I have to rush out of here to ship this quite amazing outfit I bought in Harajuku, spiritual home of Tokyo's most stylish teenagers, to the USA before I check out of the hotel, I wanted to mention something:

Last night while walking back to the hotel, on a street which was otherwise completely silent and empty, I saw a man's collared, button-down shirt on a hanger on a lamp post. A well-fed, fluffy white cat was on a leash that was tied to the post right beneath the shirt's right sleeve, so the shirt appeared to be taking the cat for a walk.

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Ooooh! I hope you have a wonderful journey. To think of traveling on the Tokaido Road!

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Looking forward to seeing that outfit!
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Bwah ha ha. You are getting the best stories out of this trip.

Manga Kissa

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Hey if you read this I found a chain of the manga kissa we went in Osaka....http://www.aprecio.co.jp/umeda/index.php
I also made a list for you guys for next time you come visit (you will, right???)

ALso Like i said, you have the most amazing experience here... AND I live here. Maybe I am just too used to the weirdness or I just don't notice them (scary thought...)

Re: Manga Kissa

[identity profile] rachelmanija.livejournal.com 2007-09-06 05:14 am (UTC)(link)
Thank you! We will definitely be back. (This is my fourth trip to Japan.)

The strange things we:ve seen in Tokyo remind me a lot of New York City, which is also famously odd.
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*waits expectantly for the PICTURE POSTS* :D
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I will be watching my flist like a hawk till then!