I managed to write three of my four papers due on Monday or Tuesday. I have to write the Trauma paper today. (And then bake a cake and go to dinner with classmates.) Cheer me on!

I had an amazing anxiety dream last night, combining a grand total of 10 separate anxiety-dream elements into a reasonably unified narrative. Well, maybe only 5 if you count all the purely toilet-related stuff as 1.

I was late for a morning class, the cafe gave me hot chocolate instead of coffee so I had no caffeine, I was going to be even later if I stopped to use the bathroom but I needed to use the bathroom, I found a bathroom but the first stall had no toilet, the second stall had no lock, I discovered that I had gotten my period, a woman barged in and demanded that her young daughter wait inside the stall with me, I got in a huge argument with and, in the course of explaining why it would be inappropriate for her daughter to watch me insert a tampon, made an obscene and violent gesture while saying, "You want her to watch me SHOVE it up," which made the daughter cry, felt guilty so gave her the bathroom, stomped out, and desperately searched for a bathroom some more, was turned away by a famous cafe in London with a decorative cow theme, then finally found and used a toilet. Relief! Until I flushed and my best jacket was caught by the sleeve and instantly sucked down the drain.

Brain! Knock it off!
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