Sherwood Smith has a new book out, Lhind the Thief. I haven't read it yet, but she says it contains "disguises, flying, swashbuckling on land and sea, tree-houses, secrets, telepathy, magical powers and spells, food, good-looking villains as well as heroes, and even some romance." You can buy it for $4.50 at Amazon (Lhind the Thief) or at Book View Cafe, where the authors get 95% of the money (Lhind the Thief). That is my hand on the cover, attempting to launch a new career as a hand model.

Melinda Lo's delicious YA science fiction thriller Adaptation - think X-Files with a teenage bisexual heroine-- is a Kindle daily deal at $2.99. Do not click on the links for her upcoming sequel or on her upcoming promotional novella unless you want to get spoiled for everything! However, if you click on my author tag for her, you will be linked to a review with the spoiler-cut intact. Adaptation.

Read anything good lately?
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Melinda Lo's delicious YA science fiction thriller Adaptation - think X-Files with a teenage bisexual heroine-- is a Kindle daily deal at $2.99.


-- Been reading Dame Rebecca's 'A Train of Powder,' which is pretty amazing.

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Ohmigosh, thank you for posting about Adaptation! My library doesn't have it. And now I do.

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Ooh, I generally like Sherwood Smith's stuff. Brought!

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I've just finished a volume of Amur folktales, which was amazing. Amazing.

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Definitely. The illustrations! I am just about the least visual person you can imagine, but oh, these illustrations.

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Looking forward to reading Sherwood's!

I took China MiƩville's Kraken on my journey with me for plane reading. I'm not quite done with it. I did NOT like it as much as Railsea (though I wouldn't go so far as to say I dislike it; I like aspects of it quite a bit), and it's been interesting thinking about why. There's the same really wild inventiveness, which I love, but the story seems less organic to me and less compelling, though the stakes are supposedly much higher. At some point after I finish I'll probably post a review.

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I too have had a career as a hand model! Two of my hands appeared on the Old Rope String Band's first album cover:


Thing is? That was long ago, and at this distance I have real trouble remembering which two hands are mine. Apparently, that old comparison of knowing things as well as the back of one's hand? Not so true, in my case...

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How did THAT work when my texting you about the hot kisses and telling you all about it didn't? You are so weird.

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Supporting Amazon doing a 2.99 sale on it! Did I tell you I did NOT want to read it?

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I just read a book I really enjoyed, Rachel Hartman's Seraphina: YA set in an interesting medieval-ish world with humans and dragons who can take human form. Not a perfect book by any means, but I loved Seraphina's voice and the gradual unfolding of the story and am looking forward to the sequel.

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Good stuff I have read recently (some repeated from e-mail):

Lucy Knisley's Relish and French Milk. The latter is a travel diary so not as focused and polished as Relish, but it's still good. Relish is very good. (It's a memoir mostly about food, what's not to like?)

Jennifer 8. Lee's The Fortune Cookie Chronicles.

Sofia Samatar's A Stranger in Olondria. Secondary-world fantasy, with a map yet. But not at all like what that is probably making you think of. It has a few minor things I would characterize as first-novel issues, but nothing that really hurt my enjoyment of it.

Jenny Lawson's Let's Pretend This Never Happened. This is relevant to your interests, and since you like Allie Brosh's childhood stories on Hyperbole and a Half I think you would like this, or at least large chunks of it.

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Ooh...I may have to buy Lind the Thief! Thanks for mentioning it. Plus - food, swashbuckling, and tree houses! What's not to like? :)

I've finally finshed reading Jim Hines' Princess series and his latest Magic Ex Libris book, Codex Born. :D *sighs happily* Such amazing books! Especially loved the characters, humour and action in Codex Born.

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