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During my childhood, my father talked briefly about moving to Texas. Wouldn't have worked; he was too pigheaded to be a Texan.
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I'm about 4 1/2 hours from Dallas, but not likely to be able to make it.
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From: [personal profile] umbo

Dallas is only a 3 hour drive from Austin. So you could totally come to Austin! You really want to come to Austin. It's better than Dallas :-)

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Sherwood Smith and I will be Guests of Honor at ConDFW, at Dallas in February.


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Me! But you probably want to know who lives there, not who grew up there. :-)

Congrats to you both!
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Sort of? I'm not from Texas originally, but I live in the Austin area now. Tons of my husband's friends go to ConDFW (he's the one who's from here, and he used to live in Dallas) and I keep thinking about going but haven't actually decided to do it yet. Maybe this year is the year...
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Yup. I may be going to ConDFW for work (my library has an excellent science fiction collection) too, assuming there aren't any conflicts like there were last year.
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From: [personal profile] ckd

I lived in Texas once, many years ago. Not by choice. (Army brat. Fort Hood.) I don't count that as being "from Texas" though.


No chance of me being at ConDFW, though; that's Boskone weekend.

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I have spent a total of about 40 hours in Texas and will not be there for the con, but congrats!

From: [identity profile]

Given the problems I've had the past few years with driving in the snow, getting my car trapped in the hotel garage, and other Boskone nightmares, it might be easier for me to fly to DFW (I'm assuming the con is at the Airport so named).

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Oh, that would be wonderful!

I believe it's at a hotel, but it sounds like easy access to major transpo hubs.
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From: [personal profile] weirdquark

The hotel is about a 20 minute drive and you can get a shuttle there, which is cheaper than a taxi if you're by yourself, but if you can coordinate with at least two other people, the taxi is cheaper.

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