rachelmanija: (OTP LA: skyline)
([personal profile] rachelmanija Sep. 2nd, 2014 10:58 am)
Cut for photos of Los Angeles, flowers, my hair, etc. I wanted to show you more of what LA really looks like, not just the pretty stuff. It ended up mostly pretty anyway.

LA palms night

Outside my workplace, at night.

LA hair front

LA hair side

I cut and dyed my hair. In case you hadn't heard. This was taken before a reading I did at a library in Redondo Beach with Sherwood, Sofia Samatar, and Stephen Blackmoore. It was lots of fun. Dress from India, shoes from Paris.

The next set of photos are from the Japanese neighborhood near me. The clusters of shops with parking lots in front are called "strip malls," and are extremely common in LA.

LA Nijiya mall

LA Tomato bank

The next set are flowers seen walking around my neighborhood. Reds are brighter than blood in the summer sun. The photos never quite capture the intensity of the colors.

LA close geraniums

LA yellow flowers

LA succulent

LA red rose
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