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Oooh, great image. I'm gonna spam that everywhere.
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Holy crap, I didn't expect that to make me cry. Liberty/Justice forever.
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One of the articles I read pointed out that it's been almost 46 years to the day since the Stonewall riots -- which is how old I am. So that's a cool perspective on it, from my point of view. I can say, "In my lifetime, we got from there, all the way to here."

(Here's hoping for more awesome justice in the upcoming portion of my lifetime!)
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Holy fuck! It's 12 years to the day Kennedy wrote the opinion decriminalizing same-sex activity, too, and I think it's two years to the day that DOMA and Prop 8 were struck down.

Holy fucking keysmash I don't even know. I was not expecting to live to see this. Wow.
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Such wonderful news to wake up to. :) I'm still boggling (in a good way) at how hugely support for it has snowballed in the last 15 years. I never would've guessed, just a few years ago, that we'd get to this point so quickly.
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I was grinning in delight for all my American friends as my twitter feed erupted this afternoon. Not quite as cool as Justice snogging Liberty, but one I really liked was that @White_House had turned their White House logo rainbow-coloured for the occasion.
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Gay marriage was made legal in my province before it was legal across the country, so the national decision here didn't affect too many people I knew. But one of the things I remember best about the provincial decision was *how incredibly happy* the staff at City Hall were. It was like one big giant City Hall party for weeks. It seemed like they'd been waiting almost as eagerly as the couples themselves.
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I've been going through today in a perpetual state of "holy shit!!"

I mean, I expected it in my lifetime. It was obvious it was going to happen nationally in the US sometime soonish. But, you know, five to ten years out, maybe twenty, I kept thinking. In my nephews and niece's day.

But no. Holy cow!!
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Apparently Seattle painted their crosswalks rainbow colours? :D

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I'm so thrilled! I have been involved in this cause for years! Lots of years!
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It's made it a really fantastic Pride in Seattle. [grin] So many happy people! I really wish that I had thought of this yesterday... the backpack 5k I did, those folks generally bring and carry giant American flags. I wish I had had a Pride flag; I totally would have carried that!

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Yes, such exciting news! Timely too, with Pride this weekend. Here the flags! Are everywhere! The railings encircling the escalators even at Nordstrom are lit up in rainbow colors. <3

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(That's Sir Derek Jacobi too, I am just sayin'. And I have shaken both their hands, these theatrical knights. I'm not much in favour of the honours system as a whole, but I do love the tradition of giving knighthoods to vagabondy disreputable queer actor types.)

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YAY, yes yesterday's ruling was so special!!

when i think of all my friends who have been treated badly as a couple, yesterday was great!!!

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