Date: 2017-02-16 05:16 am (UTC)
lenora_rose: At Tara in this fateful hour, I call on all heaven with its power... (At this Fateful Hour)
From: [personal profile] lenora_rose
I came back to your reviews because I finally gave it a listen. And I think there's almost nowhere we disagree substantially - I liked John legend much better and Ashanti/Ja Rule less.

I almost want to grab people on the street and make them listen to Immigrants (We Get the job Done) right here and now, especially with the politics of the last two weeks.

I do have to say, i was unimpressed with either Dear Theodosia cover partly because I've already been listening to one on youtube that I like MUCH better (even if the division of lines between the three is vastly less logical than the duet):

Trey Mclaughlin, Jamal Moore, & Arthur Chapman
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