Date: 2017-01-10 09:37 pm (UTC)
rachelmanija: (Saiyuki: Make my day)
From: [personal profile] rachelmanija
"Hlep" is now my term for a lot of what I'm getting. By that I mean random, inappropriate advice derived from their aunt's unrelated health issue/two minutes of googling.

I am also getting an incredible amount of "This is ALL YOUR FAULT" because I'm not positive enough, I'm angry, I'm eating the wrong things (insert contradictory diet advice), I'm not doing acupuncture/biofeedback/aromatherapy/trampolines/Baba, I'm not subservient enough with doctors, I'm not assertive enough with doctors, I'm not trying hard enough (let's just contemplate that one for a moment), etc.

But all that stuff you mention that would be a good idea to do? Been doing that all along.

Honestly a little "Victorian invalid" would be nice at this point.
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