Date: 2017-08-04 03:01 am (UTC)
asakiyume: (miroku)
From: [personal profile] asakiyume
I don't know, it seems like people are always saying how their parents screwed them up. But I guess that's different from saying that parents caused a particular psychological condition. I guess when it comes to strict diagnoses of things like biopolar or whatever, people don't blame parents--because they have better understanding of what does cause the thing. ... So maybe parents are a fallback in cases when there's not good understanding of the actual physiological cause of something.

(Not sure if my comment makes much sense as a reply. I started off thinking that maybe I disagreed with you because I hear people blaming their parents all the times for their hangups, but then decided that's different from actual diagnosable conditions--so I've ended up pretty much agreeing with you, I think.)
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