In case you missed it, Rilina reviewed episodes 4 and 5, and I wrote a little ficlet about Quatre (massively spoilery through episode 40), Coalescence.

This was a gloriously whacked-out set of episodes. I particularly enjoyed the resolution of Trowa's current plotline, which was both unexpected and even better than what I had thought would happen.

Every time I think a character cannot possibly get more insane... they get more insane. Noting Sally Po's expert and much-needed use of headology, particularly on Wu Fei, Oyce and I speculated on the effect Granny Weatherwax would have on the Gundam-verse. We think the entire series would last one episode.

Also, we have revised our 100-point crazy system once again to account for new data.

That is to say, having seen Wu Fei being less crazy after piloting Zero than before, and Zechs actually being more sane in Epyon than out of it, we realized that if the pilot's pre-existing crazy points are the same as or less than than the Gundam's bonus crazy points, then the total crazy will be added together. However, if the pilot's pre-existing crazy exceeds the Gundam's crazy, then the pilot will be brought down to the Gundam's level.

In other words: Wu Fei was so insane when he got into Wing Zero, that Wing Zero actually acted as an anti-psychotic.

As for Zechs... um, what happened? I mean, he was always nuts. But now he has transformed into a raving psycho. Bombing Earth because "earthlings" are genetically programmed for war? Wow!

I am baffled by Dorothy's purpose in the series. If it is to bring on the crazy, I would say that we already have quite enough of that.

It was so great to see all the Gundam boys together again, after so long. They were even all sane together, for about five minutes before Trowa stole Wing Zero, went completely bugfuck insane, had Quatre save his life again, and regained his memories. That was totally awesome-- a moment only equaled by the one when Duo and Quatre both looked over at Heero, ostentatiously brooding alone, and rolled their eyes at each other.

I was intrigued by Heero giving Quatre the Zero system. So it actually does have some use, after all! I felt greatly for Quatre, both for his extremely reasonable fear of being driven crazy and trying to kill his friends again, and for his nearly impossible task of getting the other Gundam boys to obey orders.

I also feel for Noin. She is in an unflattering cowgirl outfit and her ex-boyfriend has become a crazed mass murderer, and was wearing a bird mask before that. If I was her, I would angst too.

Hilde was awesome, Sally Po is beyond awesome, and I have high hopes for Lady Colonel Une's return.

Sadly, Relena continues to be utterly gormless. I hold her partially responsible for everything Zechs does, given that she has now failed to shoot him (even in the leg) despite being given a gun for the purpose, and also failed to shoot out his control board, hit him over the head, or done anything else useful that would conflict with her dumb-ass principles.

You know, I know lots and lots and lots more happened, but it has all been driven from my mind by Zechs' overwhelming insanity.

Gundam count: Everyone has their original Gundams back now, except for Zechs, who still has Epyon.

Suicide attempts: Damn, I am pretty sure some unnamed minor character committed suicide, but I forget the circumstances.

Duo: Still triumphantly sane! One disc to go, Duo! You can make it!

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