This has been kind of an intense week. Yesterday I got back home and collapsed like Heero in my icon. However, I have now been fortified with sleep, take-out, and several volumes of Angel Sanctuary (which I will write up shortly, if I can come up with something more coherent than "OH MY GOD!!!"-- why yes, I just finished volume 17), and now feel ready for my next mission. Like a Yuletide Treat!

Ob-GWing: Are there any Gundam Wing communities where you can post fic links? I want to draw more attention to [ profile] rilina_fic's story, [ profile] yhlee's hilarious Yuletide-meta A Gundam Yuletide, and, um, mine. I tried at [ profile] gundam_herald, but they ignored me.

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Are you buying your Angel Sanctuary or downloading it?

And you should read the other stuff by the same person. In English, it's translated to Lord Cain Saga and Godchild. Rather pretty, and as these series are older, you can see the developing style.
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Eeeee volume 17! So much love!

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I tried leaving a comment at [ profile] gundam_herald; maybe they just missed yours the first time around?

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Try gw_safehouse, or gw_bakery for anything light and upbeat enough to qualify as fluff. Also 1x2_fans and spandex_braids for anything involving 1X2.

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