Bidding at [ profile] livelongnmarry has closed.

A new community may be set up NOT RUN BY THE CURRENT HAPPY BUT EXHAUSTED MODS to allow people to sell off items that weren't bid on, brag about their purchases (more than they already can in the current brag post), post photos, etc. Watch the current comm for updates on that.

Current donations are now past $10,000 and will continue climbing, as many people have not yet had a chance to donate. (I haven't, though I am the proud winner of the Kazuya Minekura art book Backgammon.) As several people have generously offered to duplicate their offer if losing bidders are willing to match the winning bid, God only knows how high the final totals will go.

Thank you to everyone who participated, bid, offered, and spread the word, and especially to [ profile] lady_ganesh and [ profile] telophase, who ended up doing most of the heavy lifting due to my prolonged absences due to my intense workload and, rather appropriately albeit heterosexually, new boyfriend.

This auction went beyond my wildest dreams. It was joyous, crazily inventive (legal critiques! hand-lathed dildos! Bavarian care packages! a soul!), and an expression of a whole lot of people's commitment to equality, justice, compassion, and love.

The glee which you all brought to such a serious and important cause reminded me of the American activist Emma Goldman's quote, "I want freedom, the right to self-expression, everybody's right to beautiful, radiant things," and the popular paraphrase of her ideals, "If I can't dance, I don't want to be in your revolution."

Let's all keep working, keep fighting, and keep dancing.
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