While listening to Luka Bloom's very nice live album, Amsterdam, I noticed a phenomenon which I have observed before: the desperate search for a rhyme, with resulting funny lyrics in otherwise serious songs.

The song "Perfect Groove," which is generally fairly serious, includes the couplet,

I'm looking for the perfect food
That's not undercooked or stewed.

Shades of The Tough Guide to Fantasyland!

Hearing it, I was reminded of an extremely intense song by the Call which has one line that consistently makes me burst into inappropriate laughter (a common problem with me, admittedly):

I saw a sick man
On a sick bed
Scorned by the world
Like he had two heads.

Tell me your favorite examples of poets whose search for a rhyme turned up corkers like, say, Neil Diamond's intelligent furniture:

I am, I said,
But no one was there
And nobody heard me
Not even the chair


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