In the comments to my prose poem Nine Things About the Oracle, I discovered that some of my readers were unfamiliar with the great singer-songwriter-giutarist Richard Thompson. The horror!

I lean toward his heartbreaking songs of heartbreak. But I've included some of his hard-rocking songs for those so inclined. I also highly recommend his song "Al Bowlly's in Heaven," which would go on my "Songs of PTSD" CD if I ever burned one along with Bruce Springsteen's "Shut Out the Lights" and Tori Amos' "Me and a Gun," but I don't have it to hand.

Though I unfortunately can't give you any Fairport Convention (I had quoted their song "Crazy Man Michael" in the poem), I do have some of his solo work on my computer, along with some he did with Linda Thompson. If you enjoy, please consider buying the albums.

Beeswing. Maybe that's just the price you pay/For the chains you refuse. Buy the album from Amazon: Mirror Blue

When the Spell is Broken. You keep handing me that same old line/It's just straws in the wind this time. Buy the album from Amazon: Across a Crowded Room

King of Bohemia. Did your dreams die young? Were they too hard-won? Did you reach too high and fall? Buy the album from Amazon: Mirror Blue

Oops! I Did It Again. Yes, really.

Waltzing's For Dreamers. Buy the album from Amazon: Amnesia

Put it there Pal. You're so full of love it leaks out like a sieve. Buy the album from Amazon: you? me? us?

Don't Renege on our Love. If love is a healing/why should we forsake it. Buy the album from Amazon: Shoot Out the Lights

ETA: "Crazy Man Michael" in comments.
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