I recently had [personal profile] oyceter visiting me, and we had a lot of fun playing songs for each other. Here's some music I either recently found or enjoyed or played, which you might enjoy too. Due to my total crash-and-burn last time I tried to offer download links, I'm instead providing links to individual songs on youtube, and to the CDs on Amazon.

Starwalker, by Buffy Sainte Marie. She's a history turner, she's a sweet-grass burner/and a dog soldier. Discovered at the National Museum of the American Indian, this is probably my favorite song I found this year.

Starwalker (MP3 download).

The whole CD is great, and also features this storming protest song (which I did know from the Indigo Girls' cover): Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (live with Robbie Robertson.)

Coincidence & Likely Stories

More Buffy Sainte-Marie

Remember the Name, by Fort Minor. Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill, fifteen percent concentrated power of will. Fantastic song, ostensibly the autobiography of the group, really about being an artist. This is my favorite song off the album, but the whole thing is fantastic.

Remember The Name (Album Version) [Explicit] (MP3 download.)

Rising Tied (Album.)

I also introduced Oyce to Johnny Cash's wonderful "American" series: heartfelt, gritty, sometimes funny, always world-weary, amazing Johnny Cash. ("My favorite book is Cash, the autobiography of Johnny Cash, by Johnny Cash.") If you haven't heard of these, they're Cash's comeback recordings of old songs, new songs, surprising songs, filled with all the experience of his whole remarkable life up to that point.

Like a Soldier (video). This song got me through a lot of really bad times. I'm like a soldier getting over the war... I don't have to do that any more.

Heartbreaking original video of "Hurt". (A commentor remarks indignantly, "If U dislike this U have no soul.")

American Recordings (Reis)

One (video). U2 cover. I like Johnny Cash's version better. In fact I think that's true of pretty much everything he covers, except for the outtake of Steve Earle's "Red Right Hand" on the outtake set.

American 3: Solitary Man (Reis)

American IV: The Man Comes Around
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