I have been informed that the fifteen-year-old butt-kicker was legitimately a green belt in Shotokan, but was also a black belt in tae kwon do. That explains a lot.

Melymbrosia is looking for manga recommendations. Go help her out. She likes fantasy of the well-written and classy sort (ie, Patricia McKillip rather than Robert Jordan), romance (ditto) and slash.


I just got my book contract. I was amused to discover that the description of the work, which in TV contracts is very brief-- "A half-hour horror television script entitled "The Mercy Chair"-- is a paragraph long. It must have been written by the publishers, because it's not like my agent's description.

It requires that the work be "hilarious and poignant," calls me "an outcast among outcasts," and says the supporting cast will be "odd enough to be circus characters."

If any of that but the first clause ends up in the cover copy, my Mom will be outraged. And I will laugh.

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