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( May. 15th, 2006 08:17 pm)
Today I ate about half my body weight in gelato and fresh mozzarella. And I would do it again tomorrow!

I am so pleased that gelato can be served in very small cups, and even those can be split between two flavors. Today I had a large cup of half milk/cream, and half hazelnut. And acup of half marron glacee, which was a bit too sweet, and half pine nut, which was delicious. In between I saw a restaurant serving burrata di buffalo, which the LA Times had an article extolling several days before I left as the greatest thing ever, an artisanal variety of mozzarella rare even in Italy. So when I saw it on a menu, I leaped for a chair. Well... it was not bad, but maybe it is better in Los Angeles. The punctuation is not working, by the way, so I cannot use dashes, parentheses, or apostrophes on this computer. Just so you know. Anyway, it has the taste and texture of the worlds best... cottage cheese. Hmm. I think I will try it in Los Angeles, perhaps it is more thrilling there. Meanwhile, I will keep ordering regular mozzarella di bufalo.

I forget if I mentioned this, but a lot of shops display the gelato with halves of the fruit or whatever it-s made of on top of the gelato, like a half pear atop the pear, a sprinkling of pistachios atop that and so forth. Other flavors I have seen are kiwi, amaretto, nutella, green apple, walnut, wild berry, and tiramisu.

Oh, and I also went to the Pantheon. That was what I stared at while sitting on the very hot steps below an obelisk fountain and ate gelato. I feel very shallow as I write these reports, as the Pantheon was incredible but I have spent so much more writing time on gelato.

Out of time, must post! Imagine I wrote something profound on art, culture, history, and architecture, but it got erased.

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