rachelmanija: (Default)
( Jan. 22nd, 2007 12:59 pm)
I have just been diagnosed with a type of tendonitis in both elbows, and am cutting down on non-essential typing and clicking for a while. So if I am a bit scarce for the next couple weeks, that's why.

Note: Do not freak out if you do see me post, say, a lengthy rant on Laurell K. Hamilton, and warn me not to risk my elbows just to rant about bad sex scenes. Either nothing hurts, or I stopped to stretch as directed between paragraphs.

In other news, Wild Adapter, Kazuya Saiyuki Minekura's noir yakuza manga about a sociopath with a soft spot for cats and other lost creatures, the wild boy with one clawed hand whom he finds and brings home, and a drug which makes people grow claws and fur and then explode, is about to come out from Tokyopop with gorgeous color plates and an excellent translation/adaptation. Highly recommended.

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