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( Sep. 13th, 2012 07:30 pm)
If you already have inside info on this matter, please do not vote in the poll. Otherwise, please guess what remarkable sight I saw today.

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To get to Asheville, NC, I had to trasfer at Charlotte to a very small plane, reachable by walking across the tarmac, which was so small that the sound of the propellers, once inside, precluded conversation. I then arrived in the deserted Asheville airport and discovered that I was unable to rent a car, as all rental cars were already rented. Based on this information, I concluded that I was in the Hicksville, south of Nowhere.

Actually, it turns out that Asheville, or at least the parts of it I've seen so far, is considerably more hip and upscale than my own neighborhood. It reminds me a bit of Santa Barbara, except with nicer shops. Also with more head shops. I remarked today, while driving with my mom and a mutual friend, upon the fact that I had noted three bong shops in a four block radius.

Friend: "Bong shops?"

Mom: "Head shops."

Friend: "Head shops?"

Me: "Shops selling equipment with which to smoke marijuana. Although, given that mom has been able to find several cafes that will make her cappucinos with almond milk, the marijuana is probably organic."

Mom: "And gluten-free."

Friend: "Manufactured in a nut-free environment... though possibly manufactured BY nuts."

We went to 12 Bones, which was recommended by basically everyone I met as "where the President had barbecue." EXCELLENT. Especially the ribs and the sweet, fluffy corn pudding.

After that, we went to one of the greatest shops I have ever encountered, a huge bookshop/coffeeshop, very well-designed, with little passages into more rooms of books, all opening up in a "bigger on the inside" effect. They have several fancy varieties of dog coffee, that is, coffee drinks named after dogs. I had the Red Setter (coffee with raspberry syrup, whipped cream, Kahlua, and a sprinkle of red sugar), and bought Island Year and Wild Life in the Southwest.

Also, the area where I'm staying is quite beautiful and green, with tall trees covered in ivy. Nice weather, a bit hot in the day but nowhere near the swelter of LA when I left. Photos will be forthcoming.

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