I finished Princess Tutu and Spooks/MI-5 season three on successive nights. I may post in a substantive manner when I finish collecting the scattered and melted pieces of my heart and mind, but in the meantime, you guys feel free.

Spoilery comments for Princess Tutu go here.

Plot machine! Writer Fakir! Heroic dancing duckling Ahiru! Fakir/Ahiru 4-EVAR!!!

And... she is a duck! I can't believe they left her a duck!
octopedingenue: (princess tutu: mukashi mukashi)

From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

Well, Autor is a semi-direct descendant (must...go back...to screencaps...and trace...family tree...), so he might have had a bit of writer-mojo to fight back with. Or at least the desperate strength of a "I WILL NOT DIE A MINOR CHARACTER!" hissyfit!

Were the evil librarians just a part of the story? Wasn't there a counterpart to them in the real world or wherever Drosselmeyer came from? (I would kill to read or be inspired to write behind-the-scenes Drosselmeyer fanfic. "Thank you, Herr Writer, for creating stories for us; now to keep you from using your power against us we're going to cut off your hands so you can DIE HORRIBLY." Drosselmeyer: "Afraid...to die...must...write...revenge! ...in...very...quick...bloody...shorthand...")

From: [identity profile] marith.livejournal.com

Good point. Never underestimate the strength of a good hissyfit.

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