Since I have been parted from my laptop and must post from a cafe without my library, I need some help!

1. Someone had a post ages ago analyzing the kanji meanings of the names of all the characters in Bleach and their phallic symbols zanpaku-to. Link, please?

2. Can someone create vaguely plausible names for two characters whose kanji could be read as "vegetable of the ocean" and "related to the/in the family of the sea bream (tai)/any other fish?" They could use non-standard kanji or non-standard readings, ie, one actual character's name is Uryuu (rain dragon) which is clearly unusual, as Ichigo initially reads it as "Ametatsu." Could be surname and given name or just surname.

3. Tite Kubo had some cool-sounding chapter title like "Rosa Rubicundor" which supposedly meant "Ruby Rose" in Latin, or something like that. I am not getting the same result when I use an online Latin translator. Can someone provide cool-sounding Latin that means, more or less, the following phrases (cool-sounding is more important than absolute accuracy):

Night of Fire, Day of the Dead

Red as Ruby, Dark as Night

Festival's End

Festival of Spirits
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