For my birthday, not one, but TWO people independently decided that I would enjoy a review of the awesomely bad YA novel Crazy Beautiful, in which the hero has hooks for hands and never lets you forget it:

Gee, if I'd known spilling my orange juice was this effective, I'd have spilled it in Dad's direction every day when I was younger. Then maybe he'd have made time to do things with me like, I don't know, play catch in the yard. Not that I'm complaining or playing the neglected child card. I'll never do that. I know what I've done. I know who's responsible for everything in my life, past, present, and future. Still, a little catch would have been fun, when I still had hands.

[ profile] rushthatspeaks: In conclusion: this book is a thing of beauty and a joy forever. I am not managing to tell you about half of it. You should all read it. It is a real treasure, a thing of great rarity and magnificence, and I could not remotely have put it down. It is the worst book I have read in at least a decade. I wish I could really manage to communicate its essence to you, but criticism can only go so far.

[ profile] coraa: While these two are being kept apart by... um... by I don't even know what, we wander through a couple of subplots.

Best birthday ever!

Also, [ profile] sartorias took me to Huntington Gardens for tea and strolling. Photos below (by me - I hope she'll post her own at some point - except for the one of me.)

Sherwood thought my blouse matched the leaves.

The Yuletide bush! Can someone make me an icon of this?

A tiny lizard was sunning itself in a tiny lizard-sized nook, but I couldn't zoom in enough to catch it.

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Those pictures are lovely! I'm glad you had a good birthday.

I honestly think you should read Crazy Beautiful. It's magnificently, gloriously, entertainingly bad, and it's also short. I'd send you my copy, except I got it on the Kindle. (I'm glad I got it on the Kindle, because it allowed me to easily clip excerpts for sharing without having to retype them manually, but it does mean I can't press the book on people and go "You MUST read this, you won't believe it.")

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I am going to send her my copy after I finish scribbling all-caps marginalia all over it to match the marginalia [ profile] octopedingenue left.

From: [identity profile]

Oh, good! It must be shared.

I think a copy with layers of marginalia would be a real treasure.

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Happy birthday! I'm glad it was a good one. And those gardens look lovely.

What an..interesting sounding book. (Can't you *get* better prosthetic hands now? Was this option made unavailable to the protagonist, or just never thought of?)

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I can't believe I'm defending that book, but actually, hooks often work better than more hand-like prosthetics.

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I thought this too - they're probably not Capt Hook type hooks but more modern ones that close and open. I went to school with someone with one (though only one) of these and it seemed to work pretty well.
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I am pretty sure that the Crazy Beautiful protagonist has the Captain Hook kind, since he never mentions open/closing them and spends a good amount of time brandishing them at people in CRAZY MENACING HOOKMAN style. The five minutes that the author spent googling "hand hooks" was time well spent!

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Based on this main post's links, I have put this fine book on reserve at the library.

I couldn't work the link to your review - could you post it again?
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From: [personal profile] octopedingenue

Can't you *get* better prosthetic hands now? Was this option made unavailable to the protagonist, or just never thought of?

The protagonist, Lucius Wolfe, explains his rationale.

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I never did post the music I meant to for you on your birthday, so I made an icon. I'm happy to mess with it however you like. (There are already plain black and plain white border versions, I just like this one better.) That's the flower in question, of course. :)

From: [identity profile]

Thank you very much! That will be my new Yuletide icon.

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Happy Birthday to You.
I hope you get to read a book you really can get into.
Those are beautiful scenes. You want that sign as an icon?

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Still, a little catch would have been fun, WHEN I STILL HAD HANDS.

Oh. my. god.

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