ABSOLUTELY no obligation to read these!

These are separate dreams: I woke up a couple times, then went back to sleep. One dream ended up quite literally commenting on an earlier one. I think these are in the order in which they occurred.

Bully: A city scene, with bars and streets and pastry shops. A strange blonde woman kept accosting me and threatening to beat me up. I didn't want to fight her - she was larger than me - so I walked away. But she followed me. Finally, I lost my temper, grabbed her by the ankles, turned her upside down, and held her dangling in mid-air until she promised to leave me alone. When I put her down, I noticed that she was smaller than I had seen at first. I asked her how old she was, and she confessed that she was fourteen. At that, I felt more understanding. I too had done many stupid things when I was fourteen.

Obama: Obama and I were playing catch. I had frustratingly terrible aim, and my ball kept going into the street. It was embarrassing, and I felt that Obama could surely find better players than me. But he kept chasing the ball, undisturbed. At one point we both dove for it and ended up in a tangle on the ground. Then a burly Latino man showed up and joined the game. I was both relieved and jealous at the thought that he could probably play better than me.

Telepathic Baby: I "woke up" in my own bed and, to my surprise and alarm, found a baby lying in it. He resembled a friend's 10-month-old, but I didn't identify him as that particular baby. I stared at him, thinking about how babies make me nervous and I don't know how to care for them, and he telepathically said, I need to be changed.

Relieved that baby communication was easier than I had expected, I carried him out and delivered him to my father and my uncle (a TV producer), who were standing on the balcony, and told them to change his diaper. A disgustingly realistic changing scene followed. Then the scene changed to a series of glaciers jutting high and jagged above an icy green ocean. My uncle and I were crawling across them while he gave me what I suspected were empty promises to hire me to write a TV show.

Network Notes: The last dream consisted of a typed, numbered list of six notes, which I knew were from a studio executive or an editor or someone of that nature, critiquing my dreams! I felt very indignant. The only one I recall was number six, about the bully dream, which read something like, "Ending must be reworked entirely. Totally cliched."

Network Notes: I think the last dream expresses my frustration with the publishing, TV, and film establishments, and my feeling that they are homogenizing creativity into bland product, and crushing the dreams of artists.

Telepathic Baby: My hopes that doing therapy and trying to understand people's inner lives won't actually be that hard. Also, "crawling across glaciers while listening to empty promises" is what trying to sell my writing has felt like.

Obama: Maybe I represent the Republicans and Wall Street in this dream, and Obama's cooperation in a pointless game represents my frustration with how much he's been cooperating with them. The big Latino guy could be my hope that the people will somehow force him to play a better game. The people are strong if they unite, and LA is 60% Hispanic.

Bully: Obstacles are not as menacing as they seem, Part II.
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I love your interpretation of the Obama dream

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ABSOLUTELY no obligation to read these!

Obligation, shmobligation. They're fun. Particularly when you have meta dreams. (Or maybe that's more common than I think.)


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