Remember that Mahabharata retelling that I keep recommending, the one of which I keep plaintively saying, "Okay, I know it's horrendously expensive, but it really is worth it..."

It's available on Kindle for $3.00 per volume. Deal of the century!

THE MAHABHARATA: A Modern Rendering, Vol 1


This is the very sensual, easy-read, fast-paced, novelistic version by Ramesh Menon. Like all retellings, it shows the author's own idiosyncratic take on the characters and events. He imbues the sex scenes (particularly the sequence in which Kunti summons the Gods to father her children) with luscious detail, has a science-fictional take on the vimanas, and is perhaps excessively fond of some unusual words, like "luculent." But it's generally quite faithful, and I think it would be a good first version to read if you have never read one. If you are already familiar with the story, you will almost certainly enjoy this take on it.

ETA: Thanks to Kate Nepveu for noticing this!
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From: [personal profile] kore

This was so AWESOME. I snapped it up maybe five minutes after she posted I think!

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..and £2.62 in the UK. Thanks, just bought both volumes.

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