Singing America the Beautiful.

On America's Got Talent. The show is annoying (especially the cuts away to the irritating guy in the wings) and people are applauding during the song. But the clip tells their story.

I was also amused by the indignant youtube comments directed at the few people who voted "dislike" on the clip ("The word beautiful can't even describe there performance !!! Who the hell would dislike this video !!!!!" and "the ones who disliked this are terrorists") and at the "sisters with breathing issues" who ended up getting on the show instead of the vets.

Via [personal profile] kore, a choir of people recovering from addictions (not associated with New Directions) singing Walk With Me, the song Kanye West sampled for Jesus Walks.
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From: [personal profile] kore

I loved it! They were so good (and OMG, the leader just killed me. "It is okay for a warrior to ask for help" //SOB).

They didn't get on? Well, dang. But yay for UTU.
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From: [personal profile] ironed_orchid

I somehow missed the post where you got a traineeship. Very happy to hear it.

From: [identity profile]

It's true that the set up for AGT is super annoying, but the performance was fantastic. Everything sounds like this is a great program.

From: [identity profile] antonia murphy (from

"Everyone who disagrees with me is a terrorist." What a devastating rhetorical technique! I should use that more often to end conversations.

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