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This book is getting me through the holiday season. I am slipping off to read it right this moment, in fact, as the crowd of (very lovely!) people at dinner has gotten to be too much.

I think I ship Mia/Jennie, but I'm only halfway through. My favourite evil carnivorous mutant plants are the singing trees, or possibly Dr Lee's medicinal plants. :D
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SO MANY carnivorous plants! ALL of the flora wants to eat you!! Am v curious about the whole thing with the singing tree(s) and Ross though. Hmmm.

Also omfg the twist with Felicite! Aaahh! Just got to the post-party freakout. O.M.G.

Anyway. Omg.

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Ha! Well, someone on meme had said something about wanting "all the Felicite gen" so I figured that either they just reeeallly liked her political scheming or that she'd do a heel-face turn at some point. (Which she may yet do, idk, she's got a heart buried down under all that lace...somewhere. Maybe.) This, though? This I did not expect, though in retrospect of course there's foreshadowing.


How many books are there?

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Makes sense about the POVs. Ross, Jennie, and Mia are pretty much my favourites anyway so that is great. Just finished the book this morning at the doctor's office and am already jonesing for the next one, so glad it's a series. :D

(Oh no Laura Hernandez I liked her! ;__;)
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I finished Stranger last night, and I enjoyed it so much! Excellent worldbuilding, and the characters are compelling and unique. I can't wait for the next one!

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Yay! Well done on the article, but much more so on the book.

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