An unusually interesting interview up at Gay YA. Sherwood, Lyda Morehouse, and I interviewed each other on queer representation in media, gender in fiction, and the comic books that shaped us. Contains discussion of the affair Storm had in Japan with a female thief in that one issue of the X-Men.

Also, if any of you are in or near San Diego, Sherwood and I will be signing at the Mysterious Galaxy holiday party on Saturday, December 13, 3:00 PM.

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Great interview!

You are right about the inability of Marvel writers to say anyone was gay explicitly. My memory says (and Wikipedia agrees) that Northstar was the first openly gay Marvel character, and that wasn't permitted until 1992.

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I'm looking forward to reading Stranger: hopefully copies will make their way to the UK soon!

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I tweeted it, and Julia Rios retweeted it to her thousand-plus followers :-)

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"I’m in the highly populated gray zone of mostly-straight women with bisexual leanings."

So cute!

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Very nice interview! :) I cracked up when you joked that publishers wanted you to make your straight character gay.

Also, it is SO weird that publishers were okay with characters cheating on their partners/lying, but against fictional consensual poly relationships. :/

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